The Tabs Ug release their debut violin single, The Harvest.

Yes, you read that right, a violin single. The Tabs Ug, an intrumental band of Allan Watson Waswa, David Tayebwa Tabzy and the only lady Meris Nakigudde released a violin led single titled "The Harvest" last week. The song is about struggles and stumbles in life and the zeal to keep going which according to Allan could drain you to bones and with little energy to do the celebratory dance but it's a nice and happy ending.

The Tabs started recording the song in December 2017 and the final copy left studio in February 2018. The song was recorded by Michael Baziwe and for an unsdisclosed upcoming film.
The song is led by the violin played by Allan Watson Waswa and accopanied by guitar played by David Tayebwa. It also features thumb piano which gives the song a very distinct African sound.

The violin melody of song was composed by Allan Watson and David Tayebwa did the guitar work.

The Harvest is a world music tune and features sounds from across Africa including folkpop sounds from western Uganda, kinyarwanda dance, the kwaito dance from southern Africa and Scottish and Irish traditional sounds on the rolls, which Allan says are from Ankole citing Runyankole words from western Uganda like "Okurira" (Crying) that would sound like rolls in speech and be heard like ("Okurrrrra").

The song was sought by a movie director who had watched the group's performance of the Game of Thrones theme song at the National Theater.

The Tabs Ug started doing music in October 2016 playing at different private and public events. They have performed at number of stages like Milege World Music Festival in Entebbe, Stonefest in Jinja and a number of coporate events. They were the performers of the night at Brenda Nambi's Fashion Line Launch in November 2017 and many other private functions. The band does pop, Christian and gospel, folk, classical and other genres.

The group is currently working with well known producer, Hannz Tactiq of Hannz Records on his upcoming album.

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