KENYA: "Alikiba Inspired Me To Sing In Swahili" - Gilad Millo

Kenyan and Israel-born artist, Gilad Millo has said that the Tanzanian singer Alikiba inspired him to sing in Swahili, something that gave him lots of success.

In an interview with Friday Night Live of East Africa Television, Gilad said that for the first time he performed the song on stage and fans cheered him on.

"Cinderella was the song which made me to start singing in Swahili, I was singing in a live band and it was my first song I started singing in Swahili. As I performed, people started cheering up. They got amazed, how a 'mzungu' would be singing in Swahili. From then on I started singing and loving Swahili upto-date," he said.

Gilad has made several hits in Swahili which have got him international awards. Some of the hits are; Unajua, Nairobi Yangu, Sema Milele and many more.

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