KENYA: Khaligraph Jones Releases His Most Impressive Video Yet, 'Mazishi'

Love him or hate him, Khaligraph Jones is undoubtedly one of the most talented rappers in Kenya and when he goes hard he’s like a man possessed.

Over the last few weeks the rapper has been hyping what would clearly be a message to all of his competition, a track he so daring titled Mazishi.

Now the long awaited track is finally out and it’s the most impressive video that the rapper has done so far in his career.

This now makes it the second video he’s featured in in the last week. In the previous he featured alongside Afrosoul queen Atemi Oyungu in the video of Kama We a soft-sob love story that would melt even the hardest of hearts, Mazishi on the other hand is the complete opposite.

“I try to balance for my fans. Like with Chizi a lot of ladies liked that jam and it’s the same with the new song with Atemi,” he told us in a phone interview.

“Mazishi is basically for my goons, my fans who love that hardcore rap,” he concluded.

Later this year, Khaligraph is expected to drop his first official studio Album called Testimony 1990 which has as it’s executive producer Freddie Gibbs an American rapper and producer who’s worked with some of the greats in the American Hiphop industry.

Mazishi as well as all his previous works are expected to feature on this Album.

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