KENYA: Congolese Singer Koffi Olomide Jailed for 18 Months

More details have emerged from yesterday’s dramatic arrest of Congolese musician Koffi Olomide in Kinsasha.

Conflicting reports now claim that the singer has been served an 18 month jail sentence while other reports suggest that the singer is still in police custody awaiting the judge’s decision on the matter.

The arrest follows his deportation from Kenya after he was caught on camera kicking one of his dancers. Shortly after the video was uploaded on social media where it went viral causing outrage among Kenyans.

Kenyans demanding retribution asked the government to deport the singer and rallied each other to boycott his concert that was scheduled to happen on Saturday 23, July 2016.

Soon after the Agricultural and Commercial Society of Zambia also cancelled his planned concerts in Lusaka after the incident.

It was also reported that Congolese Congressman and an alleged former friend of Koffi’s, Zakarie Bababaswe is the one that started the petition to have the singer arrested in Kinsasha and charged for the incident that took place in Nairobi.

Mr Bababaswe is reported to have presented a petition on behalf of the nation to a Kinshasa Court, citing the video evidence in which the artiste is captured kicking his dancer.

Soon after the Democratic Republic of Congo’s Attorney General is reported to have ordered the arrest of the singer.

An official statement about the sentence is yet to be delivered by the Attorney General or any of the other involved parties.

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