KENYA: South Korean Choir Goes Viral Killing it at Popular Kenyan Gospel Song

Prepare to be perplexed ladies and gentlemen!

Remember that song ‘Mambo Sawa Sawa’ that you learned when you were a naughty toddler in Sunday school? Well it turns out the Koreans learned it too and are pretty much stealing all the glory for themselves when they performed it at the Opera.

But still I have to admit they were pretty darn impressive, it’s no wonder the video has been going viral on Facebook all week.

They are called the ‘Gracias Choir’. Wait! A South Korean band with a Spanish name, singing in Swahili? Now my head is spinning.

Still you gotta love these guys and if you enjoy their performance here’s some more information that will pretty much make you day.

They are scheduled to perform in Kenya later this month from the 24th -29th. Now Check out their impressive performance that has made them a viral sensation below;

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