KENYA: Drama Ensues After DJ Crème De La Crème is Detained by US Immigration Officials

For the last few weeks, DJ Crème De La Crème had been promoting his USA tour and yesterday the expert disk jockey finally arrived at the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport in the States only to be detained by immigration officers for reasons that remain unknown.

This has now sparked rumors that the situation could have been caused by rival DJs who could have informed the immigration officials of the events that DJ Crème was scheduled to perform in.

As it happens, Crème had registered for a normal VISA instead of a work VISA and therefore once the immigration officers found out, he was detained.

One of the organizers of the events Charles Tall, took to Facebook to inform fans of the situation. Here’s what he posted;

“I have some very URGENT & sad news. DJ CREME DE LA CREME landed safely in DFW today from Kenya via Dubai on an emirates flight. He texted me to inform me he had landed, I told him I was out there waiting for him to clear with immigration. Unfortunately he did not go through immigration and he is being held at DFW. He called me at 3pm informed me what was going on, how they had information about his planned shows mpaka wako na fliers. Why would a Kenyan subject another Kenyan to such, lets compete fair and square, ALL THE KENYAN DJS & ARTISTS PERFORMING DURING MEMORIAL WEEKEND tunajua visa zao vile ziko, so ukichomea CREME na tunajua hawa wasanii wote pia wanaweza kua na same problem inasaidia nini, these guys coming from home are just trying to make something they support their families back home. ULE MTU AMA WATU (kutoka hapa Dallas) WALI or ALIMULIKA CREME THINK TWICE… This is especially to us Dallas promoters & our associates. We have talked to a Kenyan embassy official who has advised us. PENDING A MIRACLE CREME WILL NOT BE SHOWCASING HIS TALENTS THIS WEEKEND. ANY QNS ABOUT VERA SIDIKA ASK ME TALL SHE IS CONTRACTED TO ME & ITS A GOOD THING I CANCELLED HER SHOW FROM THE TURN THINGS HAVE TAKEN, BUT BELIEVE ME CREME DE LA CREME WILL DJ IN DALLAS & A CITY NEAR YOU THIS YEAR 2016 INSHALLAH.FRIDAY WE WILL STILL BE @ MURPHYS MANSION MADJ NI WENGI MA DJ SIO KIASI”

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