KENYA: 'Mafeelings' Hit Maker Dela Does Something Never Done Before in Her New Song 'Oh Mama'

Well Dela’s star continues to shine brighter every time, after the amazing Swahili cover of ‘Hello’ that brought her international recognition, her eyes now seem to be set for more international recognition if her latest move is anything to go by.

She has gone on to record her new song ‘Oh Mama’ in four languages, two of which are not native to Kenya.

First is of course the ‘Swahili’ cover, because we all know Dela is a pro with her ‘misamiatis’ and then another in her native tongue ‘Kisii’ as well as one in a native Nigerian tongue ‘Yoruba’ and lastly one in ‘French’.

As to the nature of the song itself, just as the title might suggest it is dedicated to mothers out there which feels mighty convenient seeing as ‘Mother’s Day’ was just a few weeks ago.

All together it is a great song that will make an awesome addition to her upcoming album and will go a long way into making Dela an international name.

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