KENYA: Why Willy Paul and Bahati Were Not Nominated For the 2016 Groove Awards

No matter how you look at it, Bahati and Willy Paul missing out on the list of Groove Awards nominees is a big loss for both of the artists, but according to the reasons given for their missing out they have no one to blame but themselves.

Despite having a lot of great music in 2015, the two who have frequently been embroiled in beefs with each other, with each accusing the other of wrong doing.

Bahati worked with Denno in order to expose Daddy Owen, who they said failed to share the royalties from their collaborative effort Mbona, a revelation that caused a lot of controversy for some time.

And earlier this year Bahati had threatened to quit Gospel music for fear of his life, saying that a section of artists in the Gospel fraternity were out to get him.

All this in mind the reason the Groove Awards committee gave for leaving out both the youngster in this year’s nominations was that they ‘did not lead Christian lives’.

We spoke to Daddy Owen earlier who gave his take on the two missing out on the nominations, but according to him regardless of the reasons given, it is not uncommon for many gifted Gospel artists to miss out on nominations. At least going by the previous years.

“At the nomination night the mentioned the criteria that the panel uses. Even for me I have other big songs but they were not nominated. But the most important issue for me is that I’m still doing Gospel, I’m not doing it for an award,” he said

“For many years we’ve heard fans complain that some artists didn’t get nominated despite having good songs. It happens every year.”

Our efforts to reach out to both Willy Paul and Bahati for comment on the matter bore no fruit.

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