KENYA: After His Shocking Retirement Announcement, Bahati is Finally Back!

After almost a month of silence and his earth shattering announcement that he was quitting gospel music for fear of his life, Bahati is finally back with new music.

Bahati’s troubles first began when he announced that Willy Paul had gone behind his back to release an unfinished never heard before collabo they did a while back.

Soon after Bahati had gone media silent and even deleted his most active social media page. This sparked speculation as to what was going on and rumors emerged that some gospel artist had joined forces to destroy the Award winning artist.

Some of the outrageous plots they had in plan included random women claiming they were impregnated and dumped by Bahati, claiming that he had paid to win the Groove Artist of the Year Award thrice and even going to the artists family to get some dirt on him. It was said that some bloggers had been paid off to publicize these stories.

Bahati later emerged from his silence to confirm that there were some artists looking to destroy his name and that he was living in fear of his life. This he said were some of the reasons for him quitting gospel music.

Now three weeks later after the tension has died down, in a surprise move the artist has released new music and is also is also back on social media.

On his social media pages Bahati drafted a shocking tear-jerking open letter to those that attacked him and his family and his reasons for getting back to music.

FULL STORY:An Open Letter From Bahati to The People Who 'Tried to Destroy His Career'

In his new song ‘Itakuwa Sawa’, Bahati plays the role of a man who comes to the city in pursuit of greener pastures and a means of making a living for his family only to be met by even harsher conditions here in the city.

This seems to be reminiscent of what has been going on in the artists life in recent weeks and his clear message to say that he will keep pushing on with his ministry despite the challenges he faces.

Check out the new song;

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