KENYA: An Open Letter From Bahati to The People Who 'Tried to Destroy His Career'

22 years ago at Pumwani Maternity is where my 1st cry was heard just before joining my People of Mathare Slums where I call home. Growing here I tried alot hoping someday I'll make my People proud.Tried football like any other kid from the slums hopin MYSA will open that door siku Moja nipande Ndege. Nlikazana Chuo sana niitwe StareheBoys as every of my Friends wished but hatukutoboa.I have seen Poverty & I know how it feels sleeping on an empty stomach.That's why I can't stand to see my people go thru same pain. Yes I don't have enough,still young got a life to build, still struggling to get there but bcoz I know what Poverty means that's why I still share the little with you my people.For the Past 21days av shed silent tears from a heavy heart not believing what I do for the love of my people is what they use to fight my Calling. My hard life taught me sharing, giving even when it's not enough. But hurts to see it getting Twisted everytime God sends me to help the people He's put into my life. Yes I have learned to be quiet,God told me Son be Still and focus on what I called you to do,But am human too. I chose my silence when I heard Morgan ask me "Daddy Mbona wanasema sisi sio watoto wako???" For a moment I shed a tear infront of my son thinking is it really worth Doing all I do??? I know many of you here are parents kindly tell me this... Is it really worth committing your Lifetime to adopt a child to Seek Sympathy??? Is it really worth paying all this school fees,Medical fee & upkeep because of a name??? Why then Do they go to an extent of using my innocent kids as a way of Bringing me Down??? Only me and my 3 Angels know how we Survive.  They are the only people who can tell you Bahati struggles his level best to make sure there's something on the table. For the last year and a half I have been running a hospital to help parents with kids facing disability around the slums of Kayole but have I ever said it to anyone??? Have I ever screen shot how much I pay the doctors monthly??? Have i ever asked anyone for sponsorship??? Then why is this happening to me??????


At my age I try my best that's why in pain I just took time off to ask God if this is Worth my pain and He just made me realise this is Just the beginning my work has not yet started. It's a time that God used to teach me forgiveness reminding me that Greater fights are on my way.Am still here to do what God called me to do,am still here to fight for what I believe in .. Speaking Hope to the Ghetto Child... Am still here to speak to the Hearts of my People.Just got Online to see thousands of messages & prayers from you my people & am sorry i could not respond.Also sorry to my daughter in school I could not answer calls at such a time because I have always spoken hope to you but that's what I didn't have at this time of pain,Remind Morgan & Purity that Iam okey & I love them...Family & Fans this what I have preparedto you during this Hard times.... Bahati

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