KENYA: Singer Size 8 Shares Some of the Sad and Tragic Events That Surrounded Her Pregnancy and Birth of Her Baby

Gospel songstress Size 8 appeared on Citizen TV’s One on One talk with Lillian Muli where she shared some of the intimate details of events she went through during her pregnancy all the way to her birth.

Since showing herself to the public eye for the first time after her pregnancy recently, many have said she had undergone an immense physical transformation and is now looking better than she ever did. However going by her story, she’s more than changed physically.

She first revealed that she had one of the most difficult pregnancies, one that many women would dread.

According to the ‘Sijafika’ singer, she’d been in and out of hospital throughout her pregnancy and had several complications that saw her being taken to the emergency room twice.

However after her daughter Ladasha Belle was born through Cesarean Section, despite being underweight (1.9kg) and born 4 weeks before her due date, Size 8 says she forgot all the trials she went through during her pregnancy.

But unlike most stories that end in happiness after child-birth, Size 8’s had an unexpected and truly unfortunate plot twist.

Her mother unfortunately passed away the next day and she was left in a state of confusion not knowing whether to celebrate the birth of her daughter or mourn her dear mother. To her doing either would be like a betrayal of one or the other.

The stress that came with the passing of her mother affected her so much that she could not feed her baby with breast milk. She narrates of how baby Ladasha had to feed through metallic tubes that were placed through her nose.

To make matters worse, doctors advices the singer not to travel for the funeral because of the state of her baby as well as her own.

In the end Size 8 views her whole experience as the way God chose to mould her. She now feels she can write songs in a better way as she can relate to many.

The singer also says that her experience is what inspired her to ask young expectant mothers never to abort their babies no matter the situation surrounding their pregnancy.

Watch the full inspirational interview below;

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