KENYA: Deputy Governors Throw Money at Juliani After His Speech

Well it’s the end of the month and one thing that unites us all at this time is the expectation of finally receiving the fruits of your labor especially after a long month of work that January or ‘Njaanuary’ as they call it has been.

Even rapper Juliani who is considered one of the industry’s most successful artists, has also been reaping what he has sown, but his came in a surprise package, so to speak.

Juliani who was recently invited by the World Bank to speak during the Deputy Governors forum found his way to what many would consider a lot of money when he did an impromptu performance for the Governors.

And of course this act of spontaneous generosity wouldn’t have been complete if he didn’t go on social media to brag if you will…

“So after speaking the Deputy governors asked for a small performances. Then they started to pour money as I did the freestyle,” he wrote posting a picture of the money along with his statement.

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