KENYA: "At This Rate This Hate Will Get Me Killed", Bahati Finally Breaks Long Silence to Reveal He's Quitting Gospel For Fear of His Life

The news that’s dominated the headlines since last week has been about Bahati’s complete radio silence and his shocking decision to even delete his Instagram account.

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Our several attempts to reach the singer bore no fruit and our last attempt this morning was only greeted by the revelation that he can no longer take messages as his inbox is full.

However the Pulse Magazine claims to have talked to the sought after singer in a report published earlier today. And what Bahati had to say was nothing short of shocking.

“I have decided to quit gospel music for now. I have decided to follow my heart. Gospel artistes, my very brothers, have been meeting secretly and plotting my downfall. I have so much pain in my heart. It is not worth being in the gospel industry now,” said Bahati in a phone call conversation with the Pulse.

However the shock did not end there. Bahati went on to say that he fears for his life (it appears the stories of the ‘evil conglomerate’ after him were true).

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“At this rate, this hate will even get me killed. If they can even go to an extend of looking for my relatives and other people close to me to bribe them and have them cook lies about me, then aren’t they ready to do anything to finish me” he retorts.

According to the Pulse, it’s not just Willy Paul that Bahati has been fighting. While that fight was very public and there’s little to be hidden about it, behind the scenes the ‘My Lover’ singer has been embroiled with Daddy Owen and his brother Rufftone among other artists ever since his claims that Daddy Owen never paid Denno part of his cash when their ‘Mbona’ collaboration won the Kisima Awards in November 2012.

“If the fathers of the gospel can stand out and fight me, the small Bahati I am, then, it really gets funny,” he remarks.

“The gospel industry is no longer about glorifying God. It is no longer about a call. Am taking a break to think of what next,” he concluded.


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