KENYA: New Report Claims An 'Evil Conglomerate' Gospel Artists, Producers and Media Personalities United in Destroying Bahati's Career

It’s been two weeks since the Bahati and Willy Paul scandal broke off and Bahati went not just Radio silent but also no one has heard from him since.

Last week news broke of an alleged plot by some gospel artists to end Bahati’s career but questioned still remained about the legitimacy of these claims as Bahati still remained missing in action to comment on the matter.

FULL STORY:New Report Alleges Some Gospel Artists Are Plotting to End Bahati's Career (DETAILS)

The unknown lady who allegedly approached ‘Pulse Magazine’ with the information claimed to have been approached by the ‘evil conglomerate’ to record lies about Bahati that would damage his reputation and in the long run end his career.

“I have bad news to break. There are some gospel artistes who want to finish Bahati. I have evidence. I want to share this with Pulse so that in case something strange happens, the world will know at least someone blew the whistle,” she said.

“It is not funny anymore. These guys are really after him. They have been calling people, including me, with the agenda to spoil his name. They said I should go and record a video saying that I have his baby. They are looking for his relatives and old friends to film them and have them tarnish his name including lies that he has been sleeping around with girls and talking alcohol. I can come over to the office and share what I have,” she concluded.

Pulse today reports that the girl later showed up to their office with the said evidence. Recordings of telephone chats and audio conversations of people she alleged to be artists plotting with her to destroy Bahati.

She further added that the people in the recordings are just two in a large team of artists, music producers, media personalities and bloggers who have been scheming to ‘finish’ Bahati.

The lady also allegedly had WhatsApp conversations with one of the artists who claimed Bahati paid organizers of the Groove Awards a total of Sh1 million to be selected as the Best Male Artist for two years running, 2014 and 2015.

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