JAM OF THE DAY(KENYA): Get Yourself Some Sauti Sol Therapy - 'Live And Die In Africa'

Live and Die in Afrika is the "LIVE AND DIE IN AFRIKA" album title track .

The album is a celebration of the African continent coming of age, flaunting the richness in cultural diversity , talent and resources. And now we finally have a generation that fully believes in this continent and her great potential.


 BREAKING NEWS (KENYA): Sauti Sol Release Third Album “Live And Die In Afrika”!

African diaspora is on a mission to reconnect with their roots, be it through music or other media. There is a willingness to aspire everything and anything African. “In California, they have been dancing to Sura Yako,” (Barack Obama).

They sing and dance to the same tune at a wedding in Moshi, Tanzania. There is a willingness to Live and Die in Afrika. These are the united minds of Africa. Minds that will LIVE AND DIE IN AFRIKA!

Live and Die in Afrika Music video was shot in Nairobi, Kenya.
Audio produced under Sauti Sol Entertainment.
Styling by Annabel Onyango.



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