NEW VIDEO (KENYA): Octopizzo Finally Responds To The Fake August Alsina Collabo!

After his latest 'LPDC' allbum, Octopizzo was graced by both praise and backlash from music lovers from all over this blue marble we call home. Why? Well, after he shared the news that he landed a lifetime opportunity to collabo with August Alsina, the world was in utter dismay as well as excitement, until the American rapper came out to deny the claims!


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Octopizzo did very little to address the matter up and until now in his new Cece Sagini collabo, 'I'm A Doer', where he says : ''Wame stick kwa ile story ya August Alsina, na kila August mtu hufanya dhambi we all sinners... ''

Watch it in the video below:

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