EXCLUSIVE (KENYA): Twitter Goes Wild As Juliani Disses Khali, Octo And Rabbit!

''What matters most is what you think of yourself'' my aunt would always tell me whenever I came crying of being bullied in school. The heftiness of these words of course sinked in better when I grew up and realized that I am what I thin I am and that it. So whenever a rapper knights himself 'King of rap' is applaud them because long gone are the days when the Queen decided to honour you with a title.

So, who is king of Kenyan hip hop? This beef has come back to life and unlike before when only secular artists participated in this narcisist behaviour, Juliani has now declared himself better than Octopizzo, Rabbit and Khaligraph combined!

And popular TV presenter Larry Madowo wants in on the 'fun'! Here's the genesis of all this:


The only one with more bars than the three combined is me!! @OCTOPIZZO@KHALIGRAPH @RabbitTheKing pic.twitter.com/ukrXVxVxhd


Buuudah!! Next utaniambia you have more bars than candy?? Ama mama wa kufua?? https://t.co/35AaHK1YUS

— JULIANI (@JulianiKenya) November 10, 2015


Sina studio kwa nyumba I like paying & making others make money.I need the 3 of you together ndio itakua fair fighthttps://t.co/Kqw9Pc2CRX

— JULIANI (@JulianiKenya) November 10, 2015


Let me RT, ndio people see why… https://t.co/aY3xlk6qlR

— JULIANI (@JulianiKenya) November 10, 2015


Only king we know ni????? https://t.co/kCJUBdCUYE

— JULIANI (@JulianiKenya) November 10, 2015

Larry comes in where he invites the four to his TV Show to address the issue. Considering these four are the best rappers to ever walk this blessed grounds we call Kenya, this fight might be the revolution Kenyan music needs! 

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