NEW VIDEO (KENYA): O-mae Addresses The Gossip Surrounding Him In New Song

'Porojo' is a Swahili word which means gossip; gossip is idle talk or rumor, especially about the personal or private affairs of others. I know that most of us if not all of us have had situations of so and so said this and that about you, which leaves you with question marks like, do this people really know me? Do they know what I’ve been through? Do they know the truth of what they saying?

After realizing how much gossip runs around O-Mae decided to address that in a song that features the mellow voiced Lutta with the chorus lyrics ( So they wanna, talk about you, and they talk about you, yet they know nothing about you, porojo tu)


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Audio produced by O-Mae while the video is directed by Ricky Bekko, it’s one of those songs that is going to touch on everyone especially that gossip has affected each and every one of us. 


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