Mbuzi Gang Makes Comeback With New Song ‘Sekete’

Mbuzi Gang. Photo/Mbugi Gang/Facebook

By Kinyua Mwangi

Kenyan Gengetone artists Mbuzi Gang have staged their comeback with a new song released on Friday dubbed "Sekete".

They aim to revive the beloved Gengetone vibes fans adore. The collaboration between Joefes and the talented Mbuzi Gang artists creates a musical masterpiece, seamlessly blending their unique styles for a refreshing yet nostalgic track.

Fathermoh kicks off with his signature flow, delivering confident verses that capture listeners' attention. Joefes shines during the hook and chorus, showcasing his vocal prowess and infectious energy, ensuring fans sing along.

As the song progresses, Iphoolish adds his distinct flavour in the second verse with clever wordplay and rhymes, escalating the excitement. Then, Harrycraze enters with a powerful delivery, leaving a lasting impression with his dynamic verse.


"Sekete" not only signals Mbuzi Gang's resurgence but also symbolizes a collective comeback. The official music video, now available, promises fans a glimpse into the revival of Gengetone in its full splendour.

With ‘Sekete’ Mbuzi Gang, a dynamic musical ensemble leaves a mark of prestige and hope in the Kenyan music scene with their contributions to the Gengetone genre.

Their blend of styles and personalities continues to captivate audiences, solidifying their place in the industry.

The Gengetone outfit has promised to release more riveting music in 2024. ‘Sekete’ is just the beginning.


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