Prof Jay Opens Up About His Health

[Prof Jay/Biggest Kaka]
Written by Pharis Kinyua

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Tanzanian music icon Joseph Mbilinyi, popularly known as Prof Jay, has weathered the storm of a grave medical crisis, emerging from the ordeal with a profound appreciation for the gift of life. 

In a recent candid conversation on CloudsFmTz, the renowned artist shared the harrowing details of his struggle, revealing that he had suffered cardiac arrest not once, but three times during his hospitalization. The resilience and gratitude he now carries with him are a testament to the indomitable human spirit.

Prof Jay's journey through this life-altering experience began with a shocking revelation: he had endured not one, not two, but three cardiac arrests while under medical care. It was a tumultuous battle for his life, with the second incident lasting a staggering 45 minutes as doctors worked tirelessly to resuscitate him. The artist's voice resonated with a deep sense of gratitude as he reflected on his near-death experiences.

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During the dire moments of his health crisis, doctors had no choice but to call an urgent meeting with Prof Jay's family and friends. This gathering held both good and bad news, according to Black Chatta, the Vice Chair of the Professor Jay Foundation, who detailed the critical discussions that transpired.

The artist concurred, recalling the heart-wrenching experience with clarity. ""It was horrifying,"" he admitted, emphasizing the gravity of the situation he had faced. For a staggering 127 days, Prof Jay was confined to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), where he was exposed to the harsh realities of illness and recovery. ""To find yourself admitted in ICU for 127 days is no joke. Nimeona mengi,"" he remarked, acknowledging the profound life lessons learned during this challenging period.

In the wake of his health battle, Prof Jay has made a commitment to give back and support others facing similar challenges. He has launched the Professor Jay Foundation, a noble initiative aimed at raising funds to cover the expenses of medical treatment, which he himself acknowledges was a significant financial burden. ""Mwili nzima ulikuwa na wire,"" he described, painting a vivid picture of the extensive medical interventions he underwent.

The artist's lowest point came when multiple catheters were inserted into his mouth, nose, and stomach. ""Mwili nzima ilikuwa na wire wire. Ile siku niliona pumzi imekata, na kama unavyoniskia madakatari ilinibidi wanitoboe ko,"" he recounted, his voice revealing the raw intensity of his ordeal. These interventions were necessary to clear blockages from his lungs, a grim testament to the severity of his condition. ""Kwasababu mapafu yalikuwa yamejaa uchafu. Hiyo yote ni mipangao ya mungu kwamba,"" he mused, attributing his survival to a higher power.

The journey of Prof Jay's battle with illness remained shrouded in secrecy as he was hospitalized in January 2022. He conveyed his profound empathy for the plight of other patients sharing the same healthcare facility. The burden of soaring medical bills was also a stark reality he faced, with the cost escalating to a staggering Sh4 million per week.

His journey through the clutches of death has instilled in him a profound gratitude for the breath of life and the opportunity to make a difference in the world. Through his foundation, he now aspires to provide support and financial relief to those facing health challenges, ensuring that they do not bear the burden alone.

As he continues to recover and rebuild his life, Prof Jay's story serves as an inspiration to all, emphasizing the importance of health, gratitude, and the resilience of the human spirit. His experience highlights the significance of cherishing every moment and the potential for profound transformation in the face of life's most daunting trials. 

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