The Musical Magic Behind ‘I Wish’ By JAE5 Featuring Libianca, Lojay 

[JAE5/ The Fader]
Write by Pharis Kinyua

Ghanaian-British producerJAE5 recently released a new song ‘I Wish’ featuring Nigerian star Lojay and Cameroon American artist Libianca. 
This song has an infectious musical feel and look to it right from the start where JAE5 gives a short signature introduction. Libianca and Lojay bring the much desired vocal fusion that Jae5 and Stuart Hawke bring out in their superb production.

Lojay takes over the stage with a calm approach and his ‘Monalisa’ voice transcends all through the mid-tempo song. 
He digs deep into the heart with the confidence of a king and musical precision of a master class performer. 
“Baby it’s the hot of casamigo in my cup, I am a little drunk but I still had enough, I miss you more…girl it’s been so difficult to ease up when you are gone it’s a little rough so I had to write a song and I hope you sing along, the only YOLO,” Lojay delivers the first verse. 

Far from the melancholy which Libianca dishes out her ‘People’ hit with, she coats her vocals with some joy in ‘I Wish’. 
She romantically pleads her case laying down all her expectations in the relationship and you can pick her charisma in the song. 
‘I Wish’ is the first song by JAE5 in 2023. The Grammy-winning producer did a superb job in production and featuring the two artists. 

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