Magixx’s New Song ‘Voices’ That He Is Not Releasing Soon

Written by Pharis Kinyua

Mavin records star Magixx has teased a new song ‘Voices’ which is sentimental to him but one that he is not ready to release any time soon. He teased the song on his Instagram page captioning that it is a reminder of his dark days in life and in his career as an artist.

The ‘All Over’ singer remarked that although he is not about to drop this song anytime soon, he felt the urge to share it with his fans. One of the lessons he picked from his dark moments is the many intrusive voices which test one’s willpower to become better or remain stuck.

“Wrote this song when I was in a very dark place, even though its not dropping anytime soon, I felt in my soul that someone out there needs this! Because their are so many intrusive “VOICES” in our journey in life but always dare to move with your guts, cause nobody can bring what you bring! Choose yourself! Always!” he wrote. 

He talks about fake friends who put on fake smiles, yet they betray him at the slightest opportunity they get. 
The many voices in his head tell him a lot of things and they test his resolve to choose himself or other people. 
But from his nasty experiences, he has learnt to always choose himself.

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