Asake Releases New Song ‘Amapiano’ Featuring Olamide

Written by Pharis Kinyua

YNBL star artist Asake has a new music video ‘Amapiano’ featuring Olamide. 
Produced by Magicsticks, this new jam effectively illuminates Asake’s signature vocals soaked in Pidgin and Yoruba with a strong Fuji-Amapiano to create this amazing record. 
Asake's strong voice and contagious melodies are set against a compelling atmosphere that Magicsticks expertly creates.
‘Amapiano’ is a contagious fusion of upbeat beats, bright melodies, and catchy choruses enveloping listeners in the song. 
It comes with a special appeal for musical excellence, thanks to YNBL record boss Olamide. 
Asake with his vocal fusion in one sparks natural chemistry with Olamide’s rap which lifts the song even more, resulting in a thrilling duet certainly worth your time by every measure. 
As is the norm in most of his song’s visuals, Asake bombards his fans with juicy, yet mystic scenes in ‘Amapiano’ music video. 
He takes you out of reality with his choreography and cinematic scenes as he delivers a masterpiece in a self-blended genre which he is now ruling. 
‘Amapiano’ marks his third release of 2023 and the official outlook to his upcoming sophomore album ‘Work Of Art’. 
He gives his fans something to look forward to with this new jam that offers a sneak peek into his elevated artistic thoughts. 

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