Jaguar Sparks Beef With Akothee: I Will Quit Music If She Is Wealthier Than me

[Image Source: Pulselive Kenya]
Written by Brian Sikulu

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Veteran Kenyan musician Jaguar has found himself on the wrong side of renowned singer and business lady Akothee. This follows a statement that the 'Kigeugeu' hitmaker recently made when he was questioned by journalists regarding his wealth and success in music in the music industry. According to Jaguar, he was ready to resign from the government and quit music if it is established that Akothee is wealthier than him.

He went on to explain that he has experienced a lot of success within the 15 years that he has been active in the music industry. He further pointed out how his music has earned a huge fanbase within and beyond the country. While trying to demonstrate his success in the industry, Jaguar used Akothee and Tanzanian singer Harmonize as examples of musicians who have nothing on him when it comes to wealth. 

""Mimi nimekua kwa industry for more than 15 years... Lakini naweza nika swear hapa before nyinyi kama mtu kama Akothee na Harmonize wamenishinda naezakaacha muziki leo,"" Jaguar stated.

The statement did not seat well with Akothee who fired back at Jaguar in a bitter rant that she shared on her social media pages. The singer insinuated that a man who compares himself to a woman has an identity crisis. Her statement got music fans divided with some supporting her while other siding with Jaguar.

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