MDUNDO MUSIC AWARDS: They Did It Once, But Can Sauti Sol Bag The Afropop Award Again?

What haven’t I said about these four? The always fashion acute Chimano, The six foot lady killer Bien Aime, gentle soul guitarist Polycarp and the buff chiseled vocalist Delvin. These four make up one of the acoustically appropriate music groups of all time!

They showed the world that they originality still exists with their sui generic compositions that seemed to whisper into the souls of most music enthusiasts and over time have been awarded for this. This time, the group has been nominated in the category of the most downloaded Afropop single with their viral piece ‘Sura Yako’.

In the last held Mdundo Awards they walked away with the award for the ‘Best Group’ and ‘Best Local Pop’ so other than the fact that they make hit singles more massive than the comet that destroyed the dinosaurs, it’s no surprise that they are on this list again!However this will not be a Jesus versus water kind of situation where they get to walk all over the other nominees. No, they are up against the best in the game who also have equal chances of winning. See them here >> MDUNDO MUSIC AWARDS: Did Your Favourite Afro Pop Artist Make It Into The MMA Nomination List? Find Out!

Although we will work with math and numbers solely, it’s always fun to gamble and try be a ‘future predicting octopus’ by trying guess who will win. Do you wish Sauti Sol to ‘Lipala Dance’ away with this award? Let us know via all our social media platforms and YouTube.



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