Amaarae Releases ‘Co-Star’ Ahead of Upcoming Album ‘Fountain’

[Amaarae/Pulse Nigeria]

By Kinyua Mwangi

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Ghanaian songstress Amaarae has dropped a new song ‘Co-Star’ as a prelude to her upcoming album ‘Fountain’. 
This song is off this new album set for release on June 9. The intriguing music video for, ""Co-Star,"" pays homage to the 90s supermodel period. 
The Lauren Dunn-directed music video showcases a tournament in which contestants compete to be the greatest by showing their zodiac signs, swag, and skills, defying the conventional expectations placed on women's attractiveness. 
Some of the most powerful women in the modeling industry Amaarae's ""Co-Star”. They include model Biba Williams, The Clermont Twins among others. 
They represent alternative African culture who shaped the African model industry.
She also gives a special mention to Deto Black, a rapper from Nigeria, Lois Saunders, a designer for 1XBlue, Moyosore Briggs, a photographer among others. 
In releasing the song, she said that the song brings the power of signs and a great song for people to enjoy in the summer.
""Co-Star is a fun song about star signs! I wanted to give people something cute and flirty for the summer! Astrology is such a huge part of our youth culture. It felt like a missed opportunity to not lean into that and give the girls an anthem that reads and celebrates them all at once!"

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