Why Ayra Starr Performed ‘Rush’ for Rema Before Official Release

Photo: Ayra Starr/Instagram

By Kinyua Mwangi

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Mavin Records music star,  Ayra Starr didn’t like her 2022 breakout song ‘Rush’ until it was released. 

‘Sabi Girl’ told Joey Akan in a just-released episode of the Afrobeats Intelligence Podcast,  that she had so many doubts about the song. 

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Ayra Starr never thought it would be this successful and she had a lot of reservations about releasing this tune but her team talked her out of the fear. She recalls performing the song for Rema and Crayon just to get an honest opinion about it. 

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She chose Rema because he is candid and says things as they are. When she performed for him, he was blown away and told her the song would be a massive hit.  For Crayon, he danced to the song as Rema keenly listened to it. 

It wasn't until the song was released and began to gain popularity that she discovered its potential and began to believe in it.

In a past interview with Cool FM, Ayra said she wrote ‘Rush’ as a way to boost her confidence and reassure herself that she was in control of her decisions in life.

“When I made Rush, I was in a phase where I was unsure of myself. And I grew up, a confident person. I felt like everything was someone else’s idea, it wasn’t me, so I wanted to find myself, be in charge, take agency and that’s when I made Rush,” she stated. 

In less than a year since its release, ‘Rush’ has over 144 million streams on YouTube. Check out the full episode of the podcast on YouTube below: -

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