Free Download: 6 Ramadan Songs to add to your Playlist

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Ramadan is here again and it is a month to reflect and share in the values of peace, love and unity. 

Music is always an integral part of any occasion, time or season, therefore, in the spirit of Ramadan, we share these six songs that you could add to your playlist.

1. Thank You Allah - Maher Zain

Maher Zain is among the most famous Muslim musicians in the world. He is an artist you should listen to throughout Ramadan due to his musical charm. ‘Thank You Allah’ a single and also the title to his first album has perfect songs for Ramadan. He sold 10 million copies of this album. 

2. Awaken – Maher Zain

Maher Zain conquers the month-long Ramadan with ‘Awaken’, characterized by his distinctive voice and well-thought-out R&B-influenced tune. He reflects on many things such as charity, forgiveness and kindness. 

3. The Truth 1 - Saoti Arewa

For the old Muslim folks, the ‘Truth 1’ by Saoti Arewa is what they want to listen to on repeat mode. Arewa is as traditional as anyone can imagine with a powerful message about family love, sharing, forgiveness, self-reflection and faith in the Most-high. 

4. Ramadan – Lyta

Lyta takes this song in a spiritual direction. With the record, he ushers all Muslims into the holy month of blessings, joy, happiness, forgiveness and kindness. It is a reminder of what the Muslim faith is built on. 

5. Ramadan - Deen Squad

Deen Squad is a duet of Jae Deen and Karter Zaher who spread love and kindness to the people through hip-hop. ‘Ramadan’ reminds everyone of their true calling to Islam, which matters most. 

6. So Real - Raef ft Maher Zain

Raef, an Egyptian-American singer featured Nigerian Muslim artist Maher Zain in ‘So Real’. Raef is adept at fusing popular Islamic nasheeds with punk rock and pop. With ‘So Real’, he emphasises his love for Allah and how much Allah loves him back. Zain brings his unbridled brilliance to the song and it is dope!

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