International Women's Day 2023: Nadia Mukami Teams up with, Brandy Maina,Avril,Pryshon & Wahu

[Image Source: Instagram]

Writer: Brian Sikulu

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As the world jumps to celebrate women, Kenyan music star Nadia Mukami has brought together other female music stars in a new song 'SuperWoman'.

The 4-minute and 56-second track is a women empowerment song that reflects on the crucial role that women play in society. One after the other, the five songsters display epic artistry through their vocals and lyrism.

Nadia Mukami takes the first verse of the song where she introduces the masterpiece with a melodious voice. She focuses on the physical and character aspects of a woman in her verse. Brandy Maina joins in the second minute of the song where she expresses her musical versatility. The youngster in her chorus sings in RnB with a little touch of Dancehall. Avril graces the song with her angelic voice in the second half of the song before Pryshon and Wahu take it to the end. Nadia Mukami punctuates the verses of the vocalists with the chorus.

The Swahili RnB track has been produced by Alexis on The Beat under Sevens Creative Hub records. The producer did a great job of blending the vocals of the five diverse singers into a single track with a seamless transition from one to the other.

The release of the song has taken place on International Women's Day. This is in line with the song's theme of celebrating women in various capacities. 'Superwoman' is part of Nadia Mukami's comeback campaign after taking a long break from music to focus on motherhood.


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