New Music Kenya: Fathermoh Ft. Ssaru 'Kaskie Vibaya' (Video)

[Image Source: BMR]

Written By: Brian Sikulu

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Gengetone star Fathermoh has released a new track titled 'Kaskie Vibaya' featuring rap queen Ssaru. The song is the first official music project from Fathermoh in 2023. The duo presents a fluid chemistry while mercilessly tearing each apart with creatively tailored punchlines.

'Kaskie Vibaya' is a conversational Gengetone jam in which Fathermoh and Ssaru go head-on against each other. The primary idea of the song's theme is super unique and creative. The two music stars find a balance to sensitize the audience on the negative effects of extra-marital affairs while at the same time entertaining their listeners.

The masterpiece has been produced under Black Market Records. The audio of the song bears the Gengetone signature beat that is spiced up by a fast-paced rap from the artists. The music video, on the other hand, complements the theme of the song. It showcases a storyline where Ssaru takes the character of a young lady who is in an extra-marital affair.

Most Gengetone fans anxiously awaited Fathermoh's 2023 debut after he ranked among the most successful artists who dominated in 2022. The rapper was among the creatives behind the viral 'Kuna Kuna' hit song which topped music charts for months. He also released his viral 'Dai Dai' song the same year. Music lovers are hopeful that Fathermoh will extend the same spirit in 2023.

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