2023 Love Songs To Dedicate To Your Partner This Valentine's Day

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Written By: Brian Sikulu

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Valentine's Day is fast approaching and you may be in need of a playlist or a song that best expresses how you feel about your partner. This being a special global annual event that celebrates love, it is crucial to make it worthwhile and memorable. Needless to say, this is the time that your partner needs to feel loved and valued.

Sometimes you need more than just words to make your loved one realize just how important he or she is. It is in such moments when words are inadequate that music comes in. This article features love songs that will help you express your feelings. Whether you are seeking for forgiveness, assurance, or just a reminder of the immense love that your heart harbours, these songs will be of great help.

Bado Nakupenda - Samidoh Ft. Prince Indah

Valentine's Day is not just for those who have found love, it is also for those who found it and lost it but are determined to get it back. 'Bado Nakupenda' from Samidoh and Prince Indah is a perfect dedication to those who walked away, whether it was because of a disagreement or by mutual decision. The song, which is a combination of Benga, Mugithi, and Zilizopendwa with a little spice of Lingala, presents love the old-school way. The poetry and creativity expressed in it are enough to melt one's heart. This is the perfect song for those who are seeking to get their loved ones back.


Nowe Sweety - Bahati Ft. Joyce Wa Mama

'Nowe Sweety' assures and affirms your partner of the immense love you have for them. It expresses your commitment to keeping the relationship alive for the longest time possible. The song which uses a combination of Kikuyu and Swahili languages features Bahati and Joyce Wa Mama who play the role of a couple. The two through their vocal prowess pour out their hearts for each other as they paint the picture of true love.


Mapenzi - Jaysoul Ft. Nadia Mukami

This masterpiece from rising music star Jaysoul presents the story of a couple who is determined to hold on to their love despite being financially unstable. It points out how love is of the ultimate importance regardless of what a couple goes through in life. It celebrates love in its raw state. 'Mapenzi' is a perfect fit for couples who are in a long-distance relationship but want to remind each other of their commitment.


Umeme - Umeme

Do you want to remind your partner just how beautiful she is? Well, Willy Paul's 'Umeme' will come in handy. The song which has dominated music charts and the airwaves features the story of a man who is helplessly in love with a beautiful woman. It praises the partner's 'electric' beauty and her attractive character. It serves as a reminder of just how much you are in love with your partner.


One Call - Otile Brown Ft. Ruby

Otile Brown's 'One Call' featuring Ruby campaigns against being in a toxic and abusive relationship. It further preaches on pursuing your true love and following your heart to where it leads you. The song features the story of finding love where you least expected it. 'One Call' is a reminder that you should seek love where you are valued.


Harusi Yetu - Emma Jalamo Ft. Nicah The Queen

This is the perfect dedication for lovers of Benga music. The song bears a wedding theme in which a couple celebrates its union and renews their commitment to each other. It is suitable for a couple who are celebrating their wedding anniversary, or who has just wedded. The song can further be used during a marriage proposal.


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