Album Review: King Kaka '2nd Life'

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Written By: Brian Sikulu

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Veteran Kenyan rapper King Kaka has released his sixth studio album dubbed '2nd Life'. The 17-track project is a letter of gratitude from the music star to God. He appreciates God for giving him a second chance in life after going through one of the hardest and most painful moments in his life. Last year, the 'Swahili Shakespeare' hitmaker was misdiagnosed leading to the extreme deterioration of his health.


The album opens up with 'Asante' featuring Kidum. In this track, King Kaka takes his fans through the time that he came close to death while hospitalized. Through poetic and creatively tailored lyrics, he recounts the lessons he learnt at the lowest moment of his life. He dedicates a verse to his family and friends who never left his side even when he had given up on himself. Kidum's vocals on the chorus punctuate King Kaka's emotional verses.

Mapenzi Yako

'Asante' is followed up by 'Mapenzi Yako' featuring Alpha Mwana Mtule. The second track is thematically an extension of the first one. The only difference between the two song is that 'Mapenzi Yako' focuses more on happy and positive reflections and is less emotional than 'Asante'. King Kaka presents a striking chemistry with Alpha Mwana Mtule resulting in the production of the masterpiece.


'Explain' is the first out of the two singles that are present on the album which is dominated by collaborations. In this track, King Kaka raps about the incomprehension of God's ability. The third track addresses God's omnipotence in King Kaka's life.

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King Kaka dedicates the fourth song dubbed 'Wajionee' featuring Iyanii to his wife Nana Owiti. The rapper praises his wife for the happiness that she brought in his life. Being an album that was based on the period when he almost lost his life, the rapper appreciates her for standing with him during the tough moment.


'Umenibariki' featuring Goodluck Gozbert introduces the second quarter of the album. The two artists praise God for his blessings upon their lives. King Kaka gives his fans a further sneak preview of his personal life by reflecting on his past and narrating how God came through for him. One noticeable change in the song is King Kaka's tempo of rapping. He transits from the slow and emotional flow of rap to a fast and lively one.

The next twelve songs on the album address a variety of gospel themes. Throughout the rest of the album, King Kaka maintains dynamism in the styles of music and even the artists featured on the songs. He works his best to ensure the music is tailored for different groups of music lovers by featuring diverse artists. The artists featured on the remaining part of the album include; Zamunda singers, Wanavokali, Phyllis Mbuthia, Nviiri The Story Teller, Kanambo Dede, Femi One, Jadi, Anastancia Muema, Solomon Mkubwa, Allyn Sano, Kivumbi and Watendawili.

The album has enjoyed a warm reception in the market with the majority of music lovers appreciating the artistry invested in it. It has also gone down in the record as the first Kenyan music album to be released in 2023.

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