'Usiache Akemewe' Khaligraph Asks President-Elect William Ruto To Protect Raila Odinga

[Image Source: Instagram]

Writer: Brian Sikulu

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Multi-award-winning Kenyan rapper Khaligraph Jones has pleaded with President-Elect Willam Ruto to protect Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) party leader Raila Odinga against criticism. In a freestyle that has gone viral on the internet, Khaligraph Jones wrote a letter to the President-Elect detailing some of the key issues that he should address once he is sworn in.

Among the major subjects that the BET nominee felt needed immediate attention was the well-being of Raila Odinga. The rapper explained that the veteran politician was adversely affected after he lost in the just concluded presidential election. Khaligraph Jones believes that President-Elect William Ruto has the power to save Raila Odinga from the pain and criticism that he is going through.

According to Khaligraph Jones, unity and reconciliation are what the country needs the most. He pointed out that settling his political differences with the former prime minister will go a long way in reconciling Kenyans.

"Mr. Hustler, yes a man of integrity, put the people together because chuki saa hii sio necessity. Baba is being attacked, some people call him names, but you can change this narrative because you've been through the same. Remember when they told you huwezi keti kwa hiyo kiti but Mungu ni nani, ona sasa umefika hapo juu. Ombi letu kama wananchi ni ati tueke baba fiti because I know you understand what that man is going through," Khaligraph Jones rapped.

Khaligraph Jones' sentiments have been supported by the majority of the social media users who also noted that Raila Odinga needed good care and support.


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