King Kaka ft Okello Max ‘Hera Onge’: New Music Kenya [Official Video]

[Image Source: King Kaka Instagram]

By Omondi

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Celebrated Kenyan musician King Kaka has released a new song dubbed ‘Hera Onge’ featuring Okello Max.

‘Hera Onge’ is a Luo phrase that loosely translates to “There’s no love”.  It was produced by Bern Mziki and the video shot and directed by Steve Mugo.

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The video is unique as it entirely features HTown Kids and not the artists involved.

Reacting to the new release, Okello Max thanked King Kaka for working with him, adding that he is so happy that HTown Kids featured on the project.

“This warms my heart everytime I watch it, and am so honored that Huruma town kids, Oscars Award winning team, had to be the ones to express our art, making it even more priceless God knows how my neighbors today have conspired against me to chop all the onions from Obunga against me, cause what else can explain Me, Mutoto ya Pamela all teary as I watch this.”

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“Lastly, thank you so much King for working with me on this beautiful project, despite the awful weather you were under. For that terrible tornado, not only did we come out safe on the other side, but also a masterpiece was created from it,” he posted on YouTube.

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