NEW VIDEO: A Song For All Men But With Something Little For The Ladies As Well!

Disappoint? Singer/ song writer Fena, knows not the meaning of the word! Yesterday night she launched the video to her ‘African King’ and if you haven’t seen it yet then you should consider your day wasted!

The video a Fena Entertainment production and it takes the path of simplicity but offers more than the world can hold; clear cut visuals, artistic change of scenes and ladies, did Fena think of you while piecing this video! The male models are simply breathtaking with all the qualities of an African King – tall, dark, handsome and burly. Guys, if you’ve been hitting the gym for a while and don’t look like these fine gentlemen, feel free to sue your gym instructor!

Fena is voice we all agreed to agree on being iconic and with this video you get to realize that she is and has always been your favorite artist - you were simply unaware

Download Fena Gitu - African King  FREE!


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