KiDi Airs His View On The Progress of Ghana Music

Photo credit: KiDi/Instagram

By Nelly Chelagat

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Lynx Entertainment singer, KiDi has echoed the fact that the Ghana Music Industry is on the verge of blowing on the international market and thus should be facilitated by artists churning out top-notch records and projects in general. 

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Speaking in a discussion with Desmond Okraku-Danso on Metro TV, KiDi said; "They absolutely love the music we make here. That is evident in the shows we play, streams, the message, the videos we received from all across the world, not just Ghanaians in the diaspora -people from all over the world.

Referencing soccer games, KiDi compared the two; music and sports. In that, he elaborated that everyone has their own opinion of what should be implemented for the good of the sector and unless one is actively involved, they won't have proper knowledge of what goes on. 

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"Sometimes when people are talking plenty, you know, when it comes to these things, everybody when you’re watching football from home, you always know what the player should do until you’re on the field. You get me? ‘A Lot of people think they have all the answers and we should do that and this person is doing this, why are you not doing this?" he inquired.

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