Dre Cali ‘Best Thing’: New Music Uganda [Official Video]

[Image Source: Dre Cali Instagram]

By Gloria

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Ugandan artist Dre Cali has finally released the video to his trending love song 'Best Thing'.

'Best Thing' is a beautiful love song dedicated to all lovers across the world. In the song, Dre Cali pays tribute to celebrated news anchor Canary Mugume and his beautiful wife Sasha Ferguson who tied the knot late last year.

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According to Dre Cali, the young couple asked him to compose this song for them to celebrate their special day.

Dre Cali doesn't do much in the video besides sitting on a piano clad in a tuxedo as he lets the memories from Canary Mugume’s multi-million wedding dominate the video.

Being one of the most talked about events last year, Dre Cali's video gives exclusive access to those that didn't get a chance to attend the wedding.

The audio produced by Kraizy Beats at Ykee Benda's Mpaka Records was released late last year and upon its release, Dre Cali revealed that he wanted to give goose bumps to every person that listened to the song.

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 "I have always wanted to give goose bumps to people when they listen to my songs but man, the challenges coming in for 'Best Thing' are giving me goose bumps. True love still exists," Dre Cali shared as he encouraged fans to keep jamming to the song.


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