Savara ‘Balance’: New Music Kenya [Official Video]

[Image Source: Nairobi News]

By Omondi

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Sauti Sol’s Savara has released a new song dubbed ‘Balance’.

'Balance' is off Savara’s upcoming ‘Savage Level’ album. In ‘Balance’, Savara calls for moderation in everything we do.

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“Watch whatever you say Watch whatever you do in adis life You affi measure everything in a balance Ukila hjko nje bakisha space ya nyumbani Bibio asikasirike baba balance Usile nyama pekee Usile mboga pekee Budget ikikubali Ongeza sembe balance Usijinyime brathe usijinyime Coz you work so hard Eeehh,” the song’s lyrics read in part.

‘Savage Level’ EP is the story of all the things that have shaped Savara as both an artist and a man.

"My goal is to get other people to see the magic in themselves, and not only understand their power but also tap into it,” he was quoted by Exodus Africa.

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‘Savage Level’ is part of Sauti Sol’s Alone Together project where all the four band members are scheduled to drop solo EPs before end of 2021.

So far, Bien and Fancy Fingers have already dropped their EPs dubbed ‘Bald Men Love Better’ featuring Aaron Rimbui and ‘Father Studies’ respectively.

Chimano is working on ‘Heavy is the Crown’, while Savara is expected to drop ‘Savage Level’ later this month.

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