Registrations Still Ongoing for Mdundo DJ Battle 2021

The Mdundo DJ Battle is still on! Registrations are pouring in from DJs around the country and it’s still not late to sign up for the coveted crown of the king of the turntable. 

Signing up for the Mdundo DJ Battle is as easy as pie. All you need to do is get your fire mixtape ready and visit the official page for the competition by clicking HERE to sign up. 

The winner of the Mdundo DJ Battle 2021 gets a 3 Million sponsorship deal, nationwide radio airplay and a chance to perform at a major music event.

About Mdundo DJ Battle

Mdundo DJ Battle is a contest for Nigerian DJs to showcase their talent. Offering Nigerian DJs a route to the spotlight, the Mdundo DJ Battle aims at selecting the best DJs from the country and rewarding them for their talent and finesse on the turntable. 

Being a vital part of the Nigerian music ecosystem, DJs are often underappreciated and the Mdundo DJ Battle is here to bridge that gap by rewarding the best. Click HERE to register.

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