Gigi Lamayne ‘All Shades’: New Music South Africa

[Image Source: Lovables Vibes]

By Kinyua Mwangi

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South African singer Gigi Lamayne has released a new song dubbed ‘All Shades’ tackling mental health, with focus being on cyber bullying that is draining people’s mental wellbeing.

Lamayne says she has no grace or the strong will to reply to cyber bullies. This followed the release of her controversial video with Inno Morolong.

The rapper holds that she has been a subject of cyber bullying with people body shaming her while others level every kind of accusation against her.

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The ‘Ice Cream’ hit maker says that she hopes this song can address this issue that continues gaining root in the society in present day.

“Simply turning pain into a lesson. I’ve never been good with words. Music is all I’ve connected to and known. Nobody knows the pain you’re in until they actually get to witness it. My heart is big but my love for every young woman is even bigger. The struggle is real and I hope we get to a place where we don’t have to put each other down to revel in temporary glory. To love and be loved is the biggest lesson,” she said while introducing the song.

Lamayne is currently embroiled in a heated battle with Morolong – a socialite - over slanderous remarks she made against her. Morolong a while back accused Lamayne of going after every man she dates. In a rejoinder, Lamayne through her legal team served her legal notice for a defamation suit.

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