Efya advises artists to Embrace their Differences

Photo credit: Efya/Instagram

By Nelly Chelagat

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Multi-award-winning vocalist Efya has recently counselled her fellow artists on the significance of embracing one's uniqueness, coming to terms with your worth, while also focusing on the music.

Speaking during her guest appearance on Y107.9FM, Holiday Havoc Twitter Space, Efya said; "You either let someone's progress inspire you to become better, to get to whatever level you feel you need to be or you let it delay you. So it's up to you to decide and it will also make you unique from others."

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She further asserted that unless they all accept their differences, the havoc and division in the music arena will always be there. As a matter of fact, Efya recommends acts to draw inspiration from successful musicians' stories, rather than plough the resentment vice.

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