Bebe Cool Slams Tshaka Mayanja, Accuses him of not Supporting Local Talent

[Image Source: Bebe Cool Instagram]

By Gloria

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Ugandan artist Bebe Cool has hit out at veteran musician Tshaka Mayanja, accusing him of discrediting the work done by artists Jose Chameleone, Bobi Wine and himself in building the music industry.

Speaking during a recent interview with NBS After5, Tshaka said the main reason Ugandan music was not crossing borders was because of mistakes Chameleone, Bobi Wine and Bebe Cool.

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He accused the three pioneer artists of concentrating on living lavish lifestyles instead of going out of the country to sell their talent.

In his response, Bebe Cool noted that back then things were tough economically, adding that what they managed to do is the best they could have done at that particular point.

"He is an old person and I expected him to support and love his own young people at any cost. I saw him belittling our music. I don't know when this mindset will change because we are here always teaching Ugandans to support themselves regardless of how bad it is.

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"I didn't understand how he could make this argument without looking at the economy of this country. He doesn't know where this economy was when we started doing music 20 years ago. Look at how much we were earning,” he said.

According to Bebe Cool, Tshaka has been around for many years but has not made significant contribution in regards to growing the industry.

"He came before me but he doesn't have any contribution towards the growth of the music industry. Chameleone, Bobi and I built what the young people are going with today," Bebe Cool said.

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