Ochungulo Family ‘Diliti’ ft Mejja: New Music Kenya [Official Video]

[Image Source: Ochungulo Family Instagram]

By Omondi

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Top Kenyan music group Ochungulo Family has released a new song dubbed ‘Diliti’ featuring Mejja.

‘Diliti’ is slung for ‘Delete’. In the song, the group argues that when one person opts to delete you from their life, you should not be concerned since another person will find reasons to download you.

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“The song 'Diliti' means if Kevo deletes' me Brayo downloads' ME This is the Kenyan culture and we are proud to be Kenyan!! mimi sihami Kenyaaaaaaa!” the group said while sharing the song.

‘Diliti’ was produced by Motif Di Don while the video was shot and directed by Iman 254 (Blackman senate).


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