Bensoul ‘Unanichanganya’: New Music Kenya

[Image Source: Bensoul Instagram]

By Nelly Chelagat

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Top Kenyan singer and songwriter Bensoul, alias Papa Soul has released a new song dubbed ‘Unanichanganya’.

‘Unanichanganya’ is a smooth love song that Bensoul uses to profess his intimate feelings to his partner. Bensoul lauds his love, for her amicable beauty that makes him go over the moon.

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‘Kuna vile waniwashanga ooh gal ,moyo unadunda kila saa ukipitanga,nabaki lalala maneno zinakuja zikienda,aki ni nini unanifanyanga.Baby  wewe star ,usiku na mchana ,ustake jua unang’aranga. Unanichanganya ,kuna kuna vile wanichanganya wooow…’ part of the lyrics reads.

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So far, only the audio has been released, with the video expected later. ‘Unanichanganya’ is available on all streaming platforms.

Prior to releasing ‘Unanichanganya’, Bensoul was flying high with his ‘Medicine EP’ which has for songs namely; ‘Medicine’, ‘Stereo’, ‘Sugar Rush’, and ‘Ntala Nawe’.

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