5 Top Trending Kenyan Videos on YouTube in October 2021

[Image Source: KayfMusic]

By Nelly Chelagat

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Over the past two weeks, the Kenyan music scene has been flooded with new music from your top artists. Some of the new releases have done really well and booked their places of top trending songs on YouTube. This article reviews 5 top trending videos on YouTube Kenya.

Jeraha - Otile Brown X Jovial

Celebrated Kenyan musician Otile Brown featured the talented Jovial in this incredible record. Produced, mixed, and mastered by Vicky Pondis, Jeraha is a slow song that depicts the treachery of relationships. The video currently has over 400,000 views on YouTube.


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Manifest -King Kaka ft Nviiri The Storyteller

The king of the spoken word King Kaka teamed up with Nviiri on ‘Manifest’. The song summarises King Kaka’s recent battle with illness. ‘Manifest’ currently has over 338k views on YouTube.


Bald Men Anthem - Bien ft Aaron Rimbui

The self-proclaimed chairperson of Bald Men association, Bien Aime linked up with the legendary Aaron Rimbui in Bald Men Anthem. As the name suggests, the song is about Bald Men and their daily struggles.

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Only One [Dawa Ya Baridi] Mr.Seed ft Masauti

Mr Seed featured Masauti in this stellar record. ‘Only One’ is a love song that confirms the undying love of the artists to their significant other. With over 1.4 million views on YouTube, Only One has been the most outstanding single in Mr. Seed’s latest album ‘Black Child’. 


Miaka Ikumi - Shiru Wa GP

Performed in her native Kikuyu dialect, the single is meant to give fellow Christians hope that the Lord will eventually fulfill His promises. ‘Miaka Ikumi’ has over 321,000 views on YouTube.


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