Matata ‘Unaware’ EP: New Music Kenya

[Image Source: Ghafla]

By Nelly Chelagat

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Celebrated Norwegian-based Kenyan dance group Matata has released a new EP dubbed ‘Unaware’.

In the EP, the group has featured the talented Bensoul and Nviiri the Storyteller from Sol Generation.

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‘Unaware’ EP has four songs namely; Tulia Nikupange, Matatu, Unaware, and Pombe Na Kizungu  Mingi.

Tulia Nikupange’; the first song is an upbeat jam that gives an insight into the daily hustle of the people, and the frustrations that come with it.

Matatu’ reveals the experience of using matatu/matwana, as they make their rounds in the city.

Unaware’ addresses treachery in most relationships.  According to the artists, whatever you don’t know will not hurt, unless you unveil the mysteries. In addition, they note that phones are a major cause of heartbreaks.

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Pombe na Kizungu Mingi’ is a groovy jam that addresses the resulting effects of frequent enjoyment in relation to alcoholic addiction.

All the songs in the EP have been mixed and mastered by Chopz.

‘Unaware’ EP is available on all digital platforms.

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