Lydia Jazmine Terms Levixone her Biggest Inspiration

[Image Source: Lydia Jazmine Instagram]

By Gloria

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Ugandan artist Lydia Jazmine has said she looks up to several artists in the Ugandan music industry, but singled out Levixone as being her greatest inspiration.

Speaking to Spark TV when she came through to support Levixone as he celebrated the graduation of his beneficiaries, Jazmine noted that she loves Levixone’s voice and immense talent.

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“Personally, Levixone is one of my biggest inspirations in the music industry besides the fact that I'm his biggest fan. I love his voice and if you follow us, you will notice that I call him 'my vocalist',” she said.

According to Lydia Jazmine, the main reason she is sync with Levixone is because they have so much in common like loving the same things, supporting each other's music and great vocals.

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"This applies to him too, because he is a great fan of my music and my voice. We found ourselves having the same interests, loving the same things. We both love God, have empathy towards the people. We started off in charities, whenever he could organize charity drives in the ghetto, I always came through,” Lydia Jazmine said.

Currently, Levixone is arguable the best gospel musician in the country. His great music has seen him awarded accolades locally and abroad.

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