Sarkodie Talks Culture, Fans, Tour Experiences in New Grammy Series

Photo credit: Sarkodie/Instagram

By Nelly Chelagat

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Grammy’s Herbal Tea & White Sofa’s full interview is officially out on the Recording Academy’s YouTube channel. In the short interview session, Multi-award-winning rapper, Sarkodie gives an exclusive to his particulars with regards to music.

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Sarkodie discloses that he adores the array of cultures showcased in different countries he gets to visit. As a matter of fact, the cultures are an inspiration and influences his songs. He further shared that he loves a live performance because he gets to see how much fans get to appreciate the music he has put in so much work to put out. 

Finally, Sarkodie acknowledged and attributed his tremendous success and dominance in the scene to the loyalty of fans. He said, ‘ I can’t say thank you enough, Sark Nation. I really do appreciate you guys, you made me who I am. You guys shoot the guts in me.’

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 The Rollies & Cigars hitmaker takes his following seriously, and regards them as part of his family .’My fan base is part of my whole business/whole career so it’s incredible. I definitely have a serious call following and I keep up with them just like keeping up with any of my team members.’ He continuously updates them of his daily ventures, thus ‘they are very hands-on, with my work. Definitely, we have a very close relationship.’

Herbal Tea & White Sofa‘s interview is a new series meant to ask artists about their lives etc. 

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