Mudra D Viral Rallies Government to Support Ugandan Music Industry

[Image Source: Mudra D Viral Instagram]

By Gloria

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Fast-rising Ugandan artist Mudra D Viral has appealed to the government to support the local music industry, for it to grow and compete with other African music powerhouses like Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya and Tanzania.

According to Mudra D Viral, the government should come up with policies and regulations that favour the local music industry. This he argues is important for the growth of the local music scene.

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"Government should help us and come up with policies that favor us because they know it all. Even our Tanzanian counterparts like Diamond Platnumz are far better than us because their government is involved financially and I believe they provide them with some necessities." Mudra said.

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"We have to show the government the worth of our music industry. Many countries have money but Nigeria is more popular than them all. Every time people know you all over the world, you attract more international opportunities to come your way,” he said, also hailing Swangz Avenue's Azawi for the effort she has put in a bid to push her music to the international scene.

He believes that if Azawi maintains the same energy and determination, her music will be able to compete on an international level.

Mudra D Viral was a songwriter before he decided to switch to singing. He was among the few artists who got their breakthrough during the coronavirus lockdown.

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