Azawi Explains How Ugandan Artists Can Compete on an International Level

[Image Source: Azawi Instagram]

By Gloria

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Fast-rising Ugandan singer and songwriter Azawi has encouraged fellow artists to work hard and produce good quality music in order to stand a chance of competing on an international level.

Azawi came into the music scene after she signed under Swangz Avenue record label. Being a top notch songwriter, Azawi has mastered the art of releasing good quality music that is getting airplay across the continent.

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"As artists we complain that the government isn't helping us but we should have the mentality that we are competing with the world and concentrate on what is trending before the world. We should elevate and put out good work because nothing can beat good vibes. We should do our job and make our work clean and leave the rest to the fans," Azawi said.

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According to Azawi, Ugandan artists can achieve the same level of popularity currently being enjoyed by West African artists if they work on their craft.

"The Nigerians understand the business and they compete with the world, not themselves. For example an artist can decide to have his concert at the same venue Chris Brown stages his. With this, he will think like him," she opined.

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